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The pages in this section of the website contain photos and other images (when available) that illustrate events and statements mentioned within the site. These pages (and sub-pages) are arranged alphabetically and are listed here in some detail (click the button to view the items), as well as under the "Photos" tab of the banner across the top of the page.

Audit—Audit of SCSD financial statements by Raymond G. Preusser, CPA, P.C.

Cell Phones
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Cell Phones (Call Lists)—Rhau's list of calls.
Cell Phones (Farris)—Cell phone calls made to and from Farris.
Cell Phones (Hirsch)—Cell phone calls made to and from Hirsch.
Cell Phones (Price)—Cell phone calls made to and from Tim Price.

Campaign Photos—Photos from the campaign trail.


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Conferences (Albany NY)—Shows an invoice for a two-day stay at The Desmond Hotel & Comfort Center in Albany, New York (May 2005), in the name of Richard Rhau, together with pictures of The Desmond's exterior and typical guest rooms.
Conferences (Orlando FL)—Shows trip reservation for Radison Resort Parkway Hotel, Kissimmee, Florida (April 2005), for Richard Rhau (and his wife and daughter) and itinerary; receipts for various expenses including parking, dining, car rental and hotel; reimbursement evidence from the school district to Rhau; and a photo of the hotel's guest room.
Conferences (San Diego CA)—Shows the reservation information for AASA National Conference on Education, held at The Coronado Island Marriott Resort (February 2006), together with registration confirmation for Richard Rhau and guest; receipts for airport parking, auto rental, ancillary hotel charges such as as bar and room service, etc., and SCSD Claim Form therefor; as well as photographs of The Coronado Island Marriott's pool area, street scene, lobby and typical guest room.
Conferences (Saratoga NY)—Shows a receipt for Holiday Inn for accommodation, bookmakers and long distance; and various photos of the hotel, inside and out.
Conferences (Wakefield MA)—Shows receipts for Sheraton Colonial Hotel & Golf Club for Nucifaro, Price and Fondino, travel expenses for Rhau, as well as indication that other members of the party would submit travel vouchers, various dinner receipts for conference in Boston from July 10-13, 2005; and photographs of the site's entrance, lobby, pool and guest room.

Credit Card—Shows various credit card expenses, both in and out-of-town, including numerous charges incurred at local restaurants, for the period of 2004 through 2006

Expenses-Nucifaro—Shows receipts for food, lodging, travel, E-Z Pass expenses; and travel within the District from school to school.

Expenses-Dziadik—Shows receipts primarily for mileage reimbursement as well as donuts.

Local lunches—Shows receipts for various lunches for administration and/or board members, roughtly 2004-2006.

Miscellaneous vouchers—Receipts for miscellaneous items.

Mount Marion—Shows bidding documents and related items for construction work done at Mt. Marion school as well as receipts related thereto.

Policies-2006—Policy relating to expense reimbursement and use of District credit card and cell-phones.

Price-New Lebanon—Articles from New Lebanon newspaper(s) that mention Tim Price.

Retired—Items relating to Hong and Singleton.

Rhau, time off—Richard Rhau attendance detail.

Roof leaks—Photographs relating to leaky roofs.

School tax issues—Kingston Freeman articles relating to school tax.

Taxes, Buono-Parisian—Local assessments and/or tax reductions relating to Buono and Parisian.